Architects remembering what Architects do

We were thinking we progressed alot. We needed specialization.
We loved dividing any job ahead into branches, giving every brach a COOL name.
Today we are starting to realize that it doesn't work out that way.
Every job needs a Leader.

It was the same in the Architecture scene. We have Interior Designers, City Planners, Landscape Designers and many others to do the same job. The job Architects did.
Well this is not a bad thing at all. Indeed it's a crucial partition for the era of speed we are living in.

The problem is that Architects forgot that the whole job belongs to them, and started to delegate their responsibility to the Cool Names. They forgot that they should be the Natural Leader of the process not an other Cool Name in the Headless Chicken Run.

The news I get lately show that people in the Architecture scene are getting that it doesn't work out that way too.
Natural Leader is not just a phrase AIA loves to call Architects but it's essential to do Architecture.

The Harvard Dean Mohsen Mostafavi calls it Architecture & Urbanism.
He explains Urbanism to The Boston Globe as:
"Urbanism is really dealing with the city in its broadest sense. It really deals with the variety of issues that are connected with the urban condition. It's the way in which our cities are changing in response to global changes, in response to various conditions of production, manufacturing, agriculture. But urbanism is also, these days, something that in its broadest sense also includes appreciation of landscapes of the urban, of the role of open spaces, and not restricting the study of the city to the study of the objects that occupy the city."

Oh my god! Isn't that City Planners' Job? Well not entirely!
Architects remembering their city planning duties. Their Social Duties!
Architects are the ones that are responsible to the COMMUNITY for every branch of what Architects do!

Here is another example: "Green For All" by Design E2's
Brad Pitt narrates this podcast which focuses on the inspirational architect Sergio Palleroni, who works with poor and underdeveloped communities around the world.

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