Everybody falls the first time...

It's been a long time..

Back in 1999 I've experimented on a non profit architectural site under the domain name www.taskisla.com.
It was the first legitimate Architecture site in Turkish and one of the few in the world. In those years www was still wwWest.

Project goal was to establish a young community of Turkish Architects, which cooperates in thinking out of the box, without the pressure of financial issues, loyalties and educational doctrines.

Sounds naive now, but not in 1999. I've spent nearly half a grand just for the backbone of the system, and almost all universities of architecture had horror stories about CAD usage resulting in the growth of hair in the palms in those days.
(Döndüler sonra panik yok!)

Building the system in Turkish wasn't about Nationalism and was somehow a challenge.

Truth is I was a kiddo and I thought: "Missing the Industrial Revolution, the brilliant people of Turkey would be the most eager ones to be a part of the current Digital Revolution."
Now that was more than naive but I don't want to insult myself in my very first post.

Even it was in Turkish all the ftp, bbs, usenet flow caught attention of various programmers, students and geekiest architects around the world.
I've met some of the most remarkable minds in my life. Although we had gifted coders among us, we were no Technologists.
The main concern of the community was thinking about "Human and Architecture".

Sometime in 2001 www.taskisla.com turned into a lame html site with a hidden link to a sharenet.
(Under the "about taşkışla" page a 3*3 pixels black dot on a same colored background.)

It's really boring to blog so I'm gonna cut to the chase. I've dropped the domain name, a dotcom millionaire wanna be kept it for a time without using it, dropped it, I said why not and got it back.

No goals, no public bla bla, just got it for my love of taşkışla building and a cool email address.
End of story.

Man I really hate writing.. Blogging was a bad bad idea..

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