"Gender of Angels" Byzantine Argument Part II

I'm not sure if it really happened. It's an often referenced story that "The elite of Byzantine were still arguing about the gender of angels, while Sultan Mehmet II the Conqueror was imposing a siege upon their Capital."

After 555 years later we have the second episode of the Byzantine Argument! Same place, different topic. And this time it's pretty real!

What's the Major Problem of Higher Education in Turkey? Clothing? Secularity?

As I'm the namesake of The Great Conqueror Mehmet, I'll try to be scientific as he was, to bring a different perspective..

Here are some world maps scaled by statics:
(Click on to see larger image)

Absolute Wealth 2002
This wealth map shows which territories have the greatest wealth when Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is compared using currency exchange rates. This indicates international purchasing power.
Turkey isn't as poor as it's assumed to be.

Research and Development Employees
Is Turkey smaller than African countries? Still not bad..

Royalty Fees Received
Royalty fees are the payments received from someone who wants to use an idea, invention or artistic creation that legally belongs to you.
Everyone talks the talk on the importance of producing knowledge and science, but doesn't walk the walk as clearly seen on the map!

Commenting on anything about this "gender of angels battle" makes me a side which I have no time and absolutely no desire for.

I just wanted to remind that when you analyze your problems scientifically you get self explanatory results.

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