Space Navigator

Space Navigator from 3dconnexion changes the way you navigate in 3d programs.

Imagine the sensation of reaching into your display and grasping your 3D model. Or flying through three dimensional scenes. Whether you're creating dazzling 3D models or exploring virtual worlds, a 3D mouse enhances your digital life and sets your imagination free.

Enhances sh*t I say: (Review added 29 Aug. 2008)

You'll see many (paid) reviews saying it's a steal for $50. Let me tell you my story of getting this device.

Bullsh*t #1: I've checked their website and contacted their dealers in Turkey. The people I've talked in both firms didn't even know they had such a device. In the second firm they hopefully found someone that remembered that they were a distributor.

Bullsh*t #2: I've found out that these firms were in fact solidworks retailers. They had no intention in selling Space Navigator. When a client asks for a discount they give one as a gift instead. But they didn't hold themselves from charging me $100 + %18 = $118. (I'm still getting spam from the program that comes with the navigator to upgrade my $50 licence to $100 licence. Suckers! I've paid $118 so give me the licence and refund my $18. Or stop bugging me!)

Bullsh*t #3: To be fair I've waited more than a month to write a review. It's NOT faster NOR more accurate than the middle mouse click and ALT, CTRL or SHIFT (what ever the program uses). PERIOD. It's only more fluent in the movement. So only possible reason a Power User needs a Space Navigator would be for a presentation purpose only. You know.. You can navigate as fast as you want but a spectator will have a sea sickness watching the same screen. I like this gadget. But I'm some sort a geek and like most of the gadgets anyway.

Bullsh*t #4: Biggest bullsh*t of them all! Do you know why 3dconnexion sells this device for $50?

You expect from a company who markets a CAD device for such a low price, to work hard on bringing better drivers and supporting the wishes of their users. Can you believe that the only generic driver for this gadget is written by a USER and you can only find it somewhere in their forum? And ofcourse 3dconnexion doesn't support this driver. Well they have another strategy in their minds.They have other models with the exact same parts of the Space Navigator and some additional buttons or a screen for $300 and $400. For selling these highly overpriced devices they want the CAD software companies and Microsoft to recognize them! They want their own standart, category.. what so ever!

For this reason they're flooding the market with the $50 toy and the advertisements of how this thing "enhances your digital life and sets your imagination free". And whenever a user asks for something they're redirecting them to the CAD companies telling them there's nothing they can do. (Remember a user in their forum can, but they can't.)

Their toy sure did set their imagination free!

Space Navigator used in Sketch Up:

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