TurkTelekom "the saver of the Human Race" put a dns block to YouTube.
This time TurkTelekom invented the innovative technology named "packet filtering".
For those of you who are not bright enough, this is one small step for TurkTelekom, one giant leap for Mankind!!

All the citizens of the Planet Earth and a few out there in the orbit! Horaayyy!!
We are safe again!!!

I'm not going to comment on Banning Procedure as I can not figure out what I've done wrong to be prohibited from accessing things the rest of the world can.

Is it a crime committed by YouTube or by us? As we're the ones paying for it..
Let's say there's a terrorist who murdered someone and left the country..
What you gonna do? Ban international telephone calls out to stop him communicating with anyone in the country?
Or try to get the guy to make him pay for his crime?

Unlike you guys, some of us, your humble servants, were using youtube for Educational Purposes!
Like video tutorials, previews, reviews, diys, presentations ,how tos etc.

F U! U F F! You're the Dead Loads we bear!!

P.S. Bad guys at Ktunnel give a proxy service for youtube! Save us again TurkTelekom please!

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