Hacking Life

I've managed to live and work with no programming expertise. Mostly because I didn't have the time to invest in it.

Need to write an ini file for my favorite game? Need a script for AutoCAD? Sure.. Get all the examples available. Get the tutorials. Plan what you want. Dive in!

I worked 3 days and nights and today I managed to finish my first vb6 program. A physical environment controller I needed for my "Sali Pazari" project. With almost no knowledge in Programming Languages.
Marvelous isn't it?

I don't like the word hacking. It's something else. Information Literacy is the key.
Processing is becoming more important than storing!

  1. Have something you want to achive!
  2. Understand it's nature
  3. Get yourself a game plan
  4. Orchestrate the process
  5. And do it elegantly..

I find the same essence in The Architectural Thinking..
Knowing everything (if there ever such a thing exists) sure is a great deal of help.
But being creative (also hate that word) and being a thinker is more important.

It's not a safe base to cover as it sounds as is. If you like the clichés here is a term for you
"Life time education". Sounds like evergreen doesn't it! Bull..

It requirs everything you are!

Will write more about this as "Sali Pazari" project gets all my attention at the moment.
Enjoy the video! If it's your first "TEDTalk Video" thank me! Thank me a lot!

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