Autodesk can't decide what to do with Impression

Autodesk Impression is a brilliant application for generating presentation ready raster images directly from *.dwg and *.dwf files.

What differentiates Impression from the competitors is its easy to use interface.
It imports cad files preserving the layer structure so you can easily assign styles to layers.
It also recognizes blocks. For instance if you have same tree block all around the drawing in different scales, you can manipulate all of them by assigning a raster for the particular block.

Cons: It has major bug problems resulting in crashes. Especially occurs when you assign styles to individual objects. Also needs some optimization as it slows to a halt when working on 3d cad files and/or big size files.

How will this promising software commercially available?
Autodesk Impression free 40-hour runtime trial is available for most countries.

First it was said to be retailed around $400-500. It would be an affordable tool, most people would like to have in their arsenals.
But now Autodesk says it would be a free download for the Subscribed Users.
Free sounds good at first, but it also means "Demo Forever".
Autodesk Subscription, as all know, is an other story..

Seems like Autodesk doesn't want to market anything that isn't priced in grands..

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